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7 Figure Subs

effortlessly sell with email. grow from 0-5k subs and 6 figures.

Effortlessly sell with email and say goodbye to trial and error. Start experiencing real results with the help of our proven step-by-step system. Get ready to hit 6 figures in sales and 5k subs in less than 12 months.



60 Day Buy Back Guarantee

Our courses are not for tire kickers or to just see the inside of the member's area. Our programs have helped build multimillion-dollar companies all over the world. These programs are for serious entrepreneurs with real businesses. With that said, we offer a 60 day money-back guarantee instead of the typical 30 day guarantee. This is because we want you to have plenty of time to go through the program and put it into action. We do not give refunds to people who have not gone through the entire program. You must watch 100% of the program and put in the work for a refund request to be considered. That said, the 60 day guarantee is in place to give you plenty of time to go through the course and put everything into action. If it's still not a fit after you've done that, we are more than happy to buy the program back from you if you submit a request before 60 days. Contact us at for more details.

Half of our website traffic resulted in Bill's brilliant strategy.
Fix My Growth Bill Flitter Testimonial
Kim Quach
Sr. Marketing Operations Manager
Bill's one of the most visionary people there is when it comes to online media and social media in particular, and I've learned a ton from him.
David Berkowitz
Serial Marketers community founder


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Upgrade to 7-Figure Subs Advanced

Scale to 10,000 subscribers & 7 figures!

What's included...
[Advanced Only]: The ten things everyone overlooks when scaling their list.

[Advanced Only]: The completely un-scientific (but eerily reliable) way to test emails without using any tracking links or software.

[Advanced Only]: Exactly what to write in your emails that can (1.) Bond new subscribers to you right away 2.) Build unbreakable trust and 3.) Persuade new subscribers to buy what you're selling on the first contact.

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